Swimming Aids

Choosing the right swimming equipment is very essential while we train children on how to swim. This increases their confidence level too. ASLL.co.uk, the online stores provides you wide varieties of swimming aids for schools and clubs.

Swimming Googles

We have wide range of Swimming Googles for the young ones as well as the adults.


The Eyeline Aquanaut Swimming Goggles are intended for training purposes and with comfort and toughness in mind.

Nose and Ear Protection

For nose and ear protection we provide ear bandit head band, ear plugs, nose clips etc. We can provide you this equipment at affordable prices.

Swim cap is yet main equipment we need to focus for swimming training. We have Speedo Senior Silicone Swim caps which create a smooth, hydrodynamic outline in the water.  This is available in a variety of colours, they are ideal for regular training.


Swimming armbands are perhaps the most commonly used swim aid for children. Armbands are very inexpensive and very durable floatation aids that are ideal for helping young children in learning how to swim. They help to keep kids float in the water while at the same time give them a sense of freedom, allowing them to kick and move about the pool independently.

Bema Inflatable Armbands are made from heavy gauge laminated PVC with two chambers, flat underarm piece and quality valves for added confidence and reliability.