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We deal exclusively in high-quality sporting equipment

Look no further than Online Sports Equipment for all of your sporting goods needs. We stock incredible sporting equipment for schools that allows pupils to have fun without getting them-selves hurt.

The balls and bats that we stock meet our high standard of quality, as do our convenient storage units and safety mats. We don’t stock cheap substitutes. All the balls, nets and other equipment are fit for purpose. Browse our range yourself and see for yourself why we’re so highly regarded as a supplier of school sports equipment.

No matter what your syllabus teaches, our extensive range of sporting equipment can make sure that you can teach it no problem. We stock everything from football and cricket supplies, to trampolines and basketball nets.

We care about keeping children safe while they have fun!

Safety is paramount for school sports and PE. Not only do we offer installation services and quality equipment for your school halls and gymnasiums, but we also sell safety mats to let your pupils give it their all without hurting themselves.

Our mats are suitable for martial arts lessons, gymnastics and interpretive dance. Depending on the school’s curriculum, we offer mats of varying thickness that provide the ideal amount of protection for the user.

For advanced vaulting or gymnastics, our crash mats will prevent any broken bones, and our lightweight mats provide a cost-effective way of keeping little ones safe when they take a tumble.

Ergonomic sports storage solutions so nothing gets lost

We can help you keep track of all your sporting equipment, keeping the naughty kids from stealing any of your equipment. We supply shelving units and trolleys for storage purposes. These are perfect for storing all kinds of sports equipment, including basketballs, footballs and netballs.

Our trolleys and shelves are also great for holding the mats for easy access and transportation. Simply load up the trolley and push it along with it’s casters, ready to quickly set up so that the children don’t miss out on any of the sporting fun.

Get in touch to learn more about our school sports equipment

We’re always available to provide impartial advice about what your school needs to keep it fun, safe and, above all, educational.

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